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Connecting your Instagram Account
Connecting your Instagram Account
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To connect your Instagram account to Sparrow, you need to first connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Business Page.

Why you must do this:

Facebook has started phasing out direct "log in with Instagram" experiences. Unfortunately, this means you have to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page to allow third-party tools (like us) to have access to all the important data you want to see.

How to link Instagram to Facebook:

  1. On Facebook, go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left.

  2. Click Instagram in the left column.

  3. Click Connect Account.

  4. Enter your username and password and click Log In.

    1. If you do not have a business account, you will be prompted to convert your personal account.

And that's it! Once your Instagram page is connected to your Facebook page you can now connect your Facebook page to Sparrow Marketing, and your Instagram page will automatically be pulled into Sparrow.

Here's a link on Facebook's site that walks through the process of connecting your Instagram Account to your Facebook page.

Don't have a Facebook page? Here's a great guide on getting one set up.

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