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Sometimes something will happen that causes data not to show up in your Sparrow dashboard. You can use this article to help you troubleshoot the issue, and hopefully resolve the issue without having to wait for support to help.

Step 1: Try refreshing the page

It sounds simple, but sometimes all you need to do to get data to load is to just refresh the page.

If the page never finishes loading, try navigating to a different page and refreshing. If that still doesn't work, then contact support.

If the page finishes loading (there are no more spinners) and there is still no data, then move on to step 2.

Step 2: Change the time period

Sometimes the data doesn't load properly based on the time period you queried for. Try changing the time period to another time period (within 28 days).

If the data loads, it's possible the data you were querying for was too far back, this might be due to certain platform limitations (for example, Instagram follower data is not available beyond the last 28 days). See the Platform Limitations of our common source errors article to learn more.

Step 3: Disconnect some data sources

If you have too many data sources in a single workspace (20+) it's possible Sparrow is having trouble validating and pulling data from each and every source. This is a current platform limitation with our dashboards.

If you believe this is the issue you're facing, navigate to your sources page and disconnect some sources from your workspace.

If this solves your issue, then please let the support team know so we can prioritize a fix on our side. In the meantime, create additional workspaces and organize your sources across the new workspaces, this will allow you to query data separately based on the workspace you're in, and thus reduce the time it takes to query data.

Step 4: log out and back in

If other troubleshooting steps fail, try logging out and back in. This will clear the Sparrow cache saved to your browser and will reset your data requests.

Step 5: contact support

If all else fails, contact support and we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot further.

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