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How to connect new Facebook or Instagram accounts
How to connect new Facebook or Instagram accounts
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If you've already gone through the Facebook or Instagram connection flow, it might not be super clear how to connect a new Facebook or Instagram pages to your account.

This article will cover how you can connect multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts, how to add new accounts, and how to remove access to accounts you no longer want Sparrow to have access to.

Facebook owns Instagram and only allows analytics data to be pulled from Business Instagram accounts that are connected to a Facebook page. You can learn more about those requirements here.

How to connect multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts

When going through the Facebook/Instagram connection flow, you'll have the option to select all the pages you have access to. While you might only be looking to connect one page or account at this time, it's best to connect all of the pages you have available. This way you can pick and choose which pages you want to connect directly from the Sparrow UI.

Connecting all your pages will not impact the total number of sources you can connect to Sparrow. Only pages you connect to a workspace will count towards your source limit.

How to connect new Facebook or Instagram accounts

You will need to go through the flow a little differently if you want to add new accounts to Sparrow after you've already connected your account.

Step 1: Select the source type you want to connect to (Facebook or Instagram) and select Connect New <type>

Step 2: When you get to the Facebook popup window, click Edit Settings.

Step 3: Go through your connected Instagram and Facebook pages and make sure you select all the accounts you want to be available within Sparrow (specifically make sure you select the new accounts you want to see in Sparrow). You will need to go through this flow for both the Facebook and Instagram pages you have access to.

Please Note: If you do not see your Instagram or Facebook page listed within these pages, that means you do not have access to the account. Please check with the page owner to get the appropriate access.

Step 4: Continue clicking Next and you should be taken back to Sparrow where you'll see your new accounts available in the dropdown 😄

How to Remove a Facebook or Instagram account from Sparrow.

Step 1: First you need to disconnect the account from your workspace

Step 2: Follow the steps above for connecting a new Facebook or Instagram account, but instead of selecting the account you want, toggle the radio button off to remove the page from Sparrow.

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