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Sometimes your report will fail to generate. While we try to cover as many edge cases as possible, some might still happen that cause the report generation process to fail.

Here are some of the common reasons why your report might have failed:

**Lost access to the data source**

Problem: Sometimes, we lose access to your data source due to expired tokens or revoked permissions. If you try creating a report with one of these sources, it's likely the report will fail.

How to troubleshoot: Refresh the page, go to the analytics tab and try viewing the data on the dashboard. If you see the data load, try changing the time range (this ensures the data isn't cached). If new data loads in without error messages, then you know the issue isn't with your data source.

How to fix: If the issue is with your data source, the easiest way to resolve it is to disconnect and reconnect the source to Sparrow. This can be done by going to the data sources sub-menu in the connections menu, click the 3-dot menu to the right of the data source you want to disconnect, select the disconnect option from the menu that pops up. Next, you will need to go through the connection flow again.

If your data still does not load, please contact support.

Did not give full Google Drive permissions

When connecting your Google Drive account, you are shown a list of permissions Sparrow needs to be able to create reports on your behalf:

If you don't select all those checkboxes above, then report generation will fail.

If you have already connected your Google Drive, you will need to disconnect it first, so you can go through the permissions flow again. To do that, you will need to navigate to [Connections > Destinations]( page, then from there click the red Disconnect button at the top of the table:

Please note: After doing this, you will need to go back and add any additional Drive folders you had previously added to Sparrow.

Lost access to your Google Drive folders

Problem: Sometimes, we can lose access to your Google Drive account, likely due to expired tokens or revoked permissions.

How to troubleshoot: When this happens, you'll need to disconnect and reconnect your Google Drive to verify that the issue isn't with your Google Drive account.

How to fix: If, after disconnecting and reconnecting your Google Drive account, the issue is still not resolved, then it's possibly an issue with the template.

**Template Issues**

Problem: Sometimes, the template you are using is broken or is currently having issues processing data from your source.

How to troubleshoot: If you've only been trying to use one template, try creating a report from another template (with the same source). If that template works, then it's possibly an issue with the original template you were using. If the new template you try also does not work, then it might just be some downtime. Please get in touch with support in this case.

How to fix: If the issue is with a template created by Sparrow, don't hesitate to get in touch with support so we can help get the issue resolved. If the problem is with a template you or a teammate created, then go through these steps to try and fix the problem:

Verify the template document still exists in Google Drive.

Make sure you have at least view access to the template

you should be able to see a prompt to request view access inside the template preview if you don't have access.

Ensure the template still has all the pages and placeholders it originally had

This might be trickier to test

If you're still unable to resolve the issue, please contact support, and we'll try our best to help troubleshoot the problem.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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